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“We loved loved. Very fair, simple and authentic. I struggled to find the words, it’s crazy like that touched me, I felt I was reliving of “my” PVT in New Zealand, in emotions, but that’s what account. ” Anne de Vreyer – Camino Nomada

“I would have loved to meet you at this time and be part of the team of this film with you! ” TiphandTrips


The film
Working Holiday Visa is a feature film that shows the adventures of a traveler in New Zealand on a “Working Holiday Visa”. It is largely inspired by real events.

The “Working Holiday” Visa
The “Working Holiday” Visa allows holders to travel and work on the other side of the world for a year. Hundreds of thousands of young people between 18-30 years set off on this adventure every year. A total of 58 countries participate, including: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, etc. The simplicity of obtaining the visa contributes to its success – by simply going online and paying a hundred euros, you can find yourself on the other side of the world in a matter of days.


Creating the film We had been on the road for a few months in the new country that is New Zealand. We had sold everything we owned and left everything behind. We set off with no set plans, just a desire to change and to step back from the everyday life. We came across Kiwis (the nickname for New Zealanders), travelers, some scams and many beautiful encounters. We experienced the passage of time, life changes, a unique facade of this type of adventure which is still relatively unknown. We decided to make this film in order to share this experience.

Steffen has been traveling in New Zealand for a few months on a Working Holiday Visa. But an unexpected event forces him to abandon his campervan and run away naked into the wilderness. Questioning the direction his life is taking, through this initiatory journey he embarks on a life of few possessions and many encounters. This trip will change his life forever.

WORKING HOLIDAY VISA11The Working Holiday Visa movie portrays this way of traveling and also current immigration issues.

No feature film has ever dealt with this subject before
There is little information available on this phenomenon, apart from a few websites and blogs, while traditional media hasn’t yet taken much interest in it.
We want to provide a balanced and original overview of this type of journey. This film will enable people to discover and also to look back on or to share this experience.
This story provides an insight into modern immigration. It’s also a way of warning people of certain scams, in the hope of encouraging local authorities to better support and protect foreign workers.
Lastly, our intention is to inspire anyone and everyone to give the adventure a go, because we also want to show that going away can shed new light on our lives and who we are.


The concept of the film: a docudrama
The film is a combination of fiction and documentary. One single story, two ways of telling it, which come together in a continuous and consistent flow.

Although this story is inspired by real events, fiction allows us to express our imagination and sensitivity. Thus, we have been able to incorporate an element of subjectivity.
At the same time, we wanted to address this subject in a documentary manner, because we believe that some situations are alarming and it is therefore important to anchor them in reality so these facts can be highlighted as much as possible. Moreover, we didn’t want to alter certain accounts whose strength lies in their authenticity.
Lastly, from an artistic point of view, we wanted to pose the question “what is the best way to report a reality – documentary or fiction?”. This is what we have tried to do in this unique format – to question certain ideas.